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Dear Chariman Gould

Since you have ignored my question in private conversation, I figured I’d ask you publicly.  Maybe then you can answer the people why you have chosen to silence their voice.

First off let me introduce myself, I am Sarah Hall.  I am the former webmaster of the Mohave County Republican Central Committee.  I took over the website in 2009 after it had sat for many years with little to no activity what-so-ever.  For the past 2 years I have maintained it, kept it up to date, done newsletters, created interactive web blogs, among many other things including a facebook page for the Republican Party.  I was treated with nothing but respect from the prior board, but then 2011 came along and a change in leadership came with it.  Not even a month into your chairmanship Mr. Gould and I already feel like you want me to be nothing more than your puppet.

You emailed me and you dictated to me that I needed to do the following if I wished to remain the webmaster:

1) Remove the blog page from the website.

 2) The question of the week needs to be approved by me before it is posted on the website.

 3) Any additional links will need to be approved by me.

Now the problem I had the most concern with was issue number 1.  The original intent behind the blog on the website is to simply get people involved.  People sign up and are approved for access and then are granted permission to write blogs which are being monitored.  It gets people’s voices heard, opinions shared, and ideas are generated, yet here comes a new Chairman dictating to me that he has a problem with that.  And I asked you why?  Why do you have such a problem with having a blog on the website?  Why do you want to silence the voice of the people? 

I asked you that and you never replied.  So this is now me making it public – why?  Why are you trying to silence the voice of the people?  If you can’t answer me that question at least answer EVERY other constituent who WILL ask you the exact same question. 

As for the other two requests you made, again, I am not your puppet.


Sarah Hall



January 2011



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