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Thanks For Your Support

I started looking at magazines for wedding dress ideas today.  I want a dress that has straps (I hate strapless) but maybe spaghetti straps will do ... I don't want a puffy dress.  I don't mind long but I DO NOT want puffy!  I want a slender dress, elegant.  Ya know?  No puff!  Lol!  I think for the brides maid dresses I want pink and purple.  Not so much a solid color.  I know most brides maids dresses are a solid color but I think I want a mix of the two.  Ya know?  Did you know they have a WHOLE book on wedding cakes at Hastings?  Ahhh!  Lol!  I don't need no big fancy wedding cake.  I just need a cake.  Lol!  As for flowers - well I haven't even looked at them.  But yeah - I've never looked at a wedding magazine before and Hastings has like 10 of them.  I only got through 2.  Lol!  I have to find a dress that speaks to me.  So when I look at it - I know that's the dress I'm getting married in.  I don't want to spend an over obsessive amount on a dress I'm going to wear once in my life, but it is my wedding dress and it is a once in a lifetime thing so maybe you have to spend a little bit of money.  : )

Anyway went to Monday Night LGBT Coffee with the gang at Hastings tonight.  Ronny has a boyfriend, Alex.  Oooo!  I'm happy for him!!  He's finally a guy in Ronny's age range! FINALLY!  Lol!  Jason came and told us all about his trip to Florida for his surgery and his trip to Georgia for his trans convention.  I WANNA GO!  I wanna go to a transgender convention!!  I may not be trans but I'm sure it'd be a very educational trip.

My bumper stickers came today!  I'm all excited!!  I ganna get my car cleaned after work tomorrow and then Chars ganna help me rearrange the stickers on me car.  I got a SaCor Foundation bumper sticker and a "I Love Someone With HIV" sticker!  Hehe!

Anyway today was a good day!

I woke up today with this philosophy on life and that is that life is far too short to sit here and worry about the what ifs.  So just be happy - smile for no reason, fall in love and live in the moment!  Enjoy life!  Because it's about those small moments of pure happiness that when you're laying on your death bed you're going to think of.  It's not going to matter how many cars you owned or where you got your college education from - if you even did.  What's going to matter is that you lived your life, you fell in love, you took risks and you smiled.  THAT is what will matter.

I love you all and thank you to EACH AND EVERY one of you for your support and best wishes in my engagement to Cory Michael Hall!




January 2011



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